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For something really odd a 12-15 lb spring landed at Cree Island in Barkley Sound. It was still digesting food and fought like crazy.

A few weeks back and offshore fishing out of Ucluelet wasn't an option I headed into Barkely Sound around Mearse Island with a couple clients from Calgary. After landing a couple nice Chinooks we hooked into another one and boated it after a short but spirited scrap. When I put it up on my cleaning station and opened up the belly I cut a finger on something sharp, thinking it was just a pin bone I inserted my knife to cut the entrails at the throat and felt metal on metal. Thinking it was a large spoon or a jig that the fish snapped off another angler , I put down my knife to have a closer look, it was then I noticed an odd shape of the salmons stomach and felt something solid and hard. I knotched a small hole in the stomach and saw what looked like plastic, I then opened up the stomach and was stunned to see a full sized , spoon ended (13") razor sharp fillet knife. The husband and wife onboard couldn't believe their eyes. I actually took some photos an video after saying " no one is gonna believe this". I've showed the photos to fellow guides , commercial fishermen , DFO and many other friends and fellow anglers all of whom are just speechless. Anyway here are some photos of the fish and the knife.

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