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Environmental Stewardship Division - Fish and Wildlife Branch
Environmental Stewardship Division - Fish and Wildlife BranchThe Fish and Wildlife Branch establishes legislation, policies and procedures for managing fishing and hunting activities, and for the allocation of fish and wildlife resources for recreational and commercial use.

The goal of the provincial Fisheries program is to conserve the natural diversity of fish and fish habitat and to sustainably manage the freshwater sport fishing in B.C. The province exercises delegated authority, under the federal Fisheries Act, for the management of non-salmon freshwater fisheries.

Wildlife Management Programs endeavor to maintain and manage wildlife, habitat and sustainable uses and keep a balance between human use of wildlife and conservation by:
  • administering the Wildlife Act of British Columbia;
  • preparing all Wildlife Program regulations in consultation with regions and others, including preparing the hunting and trapping regulations and all hunting synopses
  • managing the Guide Industry to ensure compliance and optimum use of resources;
  • administering process for licences and permits and reviewing, advising and recommending fee structure and levels for licences and permits and,
  • collecting and analyzing hunter and harvest data.
The Branch also manages the provincial fish culture and stocking programs to support recreational fishing and endangered species recovery.
Location: PO Box 9391 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria, BC, Canada   V8W 9M8 Environmental Stewardship Division - Fish and Wildlife Branch
Contact: Phone: 1 (250) 387-9771  
Website: www.env.gov.bc.ca/fw/
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